SEPTEM chooses its parties freely and independently depending on their ability to best meet its client’s expectations.

Banks and Insurance Companies

SEPTEM works exclusively with banking depositaries and insurance companies well known for their professionalism and financial soundness.

Management Companies

SEPTEM brings to bear its experience in the management of financial assets of its clients to offer them genuine, multi-management solutions:

  • Selection following an audit of the most reliable and efficient management companies.
  • Implementation of a global asset allocation strategy.
  • Dynamic monitoring of investments according to changes within the family context and the economic situation.

Client Advice

Irrespective of the advice available to its clients, SEPTEM works seamlessly with each of the following: bankers, insurance companies, notaries, accountants, lawyers, etc.

Moreover, SEPTEM is in a position to offer its clients direct contact with a specialist each time a particular expertise is required.

Backed by its network of partners and in association with its clients’ personal advisors, SEPTEM is thus always able to provide the optimum response to any situations that arise in terms of asset management.